Be inspired by my


“Der Mann, der den Berg abtrug, war derselbe, der anfing, kleine Steine wegzutragen.”

– Konfuzius


My working process

I make comics. I draw. I make movies. I write. And, last but not least, I'm an programmer!

Commercial assignment

If the payment is well, I'm able to do art by assignment.


Like many people I flee into a fantasy world, which they can enter like the hero from “the neverending story”. This world is another part from itself. This World is full of inspirations. A friend told me, that People, who do not live this, became sick and are pale like the Cigar-Men’s from “Momo”. 

Being political

 Many famous persons are political – and are successful. Rezo, for Example.

He has expressed the protection for the climate. You saw in the victory of the green parties in European Parliament Election 2019, how important the climate is right now


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